Code of ethics and conduct

JUAN FORNÉS FORNÉS, S.A. has implemented a system to prevent and, where appropriate, detect the commission of crimes within the Company. All employees, collaborators, suppliers, customers and interested third parties will be able to learn about the content of the Code of Ethics and Conduct. The values, principles, ethical standards, and behavioural guidelines contained therein should guide the performance of the actions and tasks of all professionals involved with the Company. It is crucial that any action or behaviour contrary to the Code or the law is detected in time.

For this purpose, JUAN FORNÉS FORNÉS FORNÉS FORNÉS, S.A. has created a Whistle-blower Channel through which any situation that occurs within the organisation and which is suspected of being contrary to the Law or the Code of Ethics and Conduct can be reported. These communications will be received and managed by the Compliance Officer, who will be responsible for treating all data provided confidentially and with the utmost caution.

- Code of Ethics and Conduct (click here to view pdf)

- Whistle-blower Channel

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