Frequently asked questions

01 How much does a masymas client card cost?

Nothing, it is completely free and we’ll give it to you straight away.

02 What is a Cheque Ahorro?

It is the sum of 1% of the purchases made in a month plus the accumulation of euros for the purchase of Cheque Ahorro products that you find on the shelves.

03 What is a Multicupón?

They are immediate and personalised discounts in a single coupon that you can use as many times as you want during the period indicated on the same.

04 If I lose the Multicupón or I have not brought it with me, can I still use it?

Yes. Request it at the checkout and we will reprint it for you.

05 Is the maximum discount indicated on the Multicupón for two weeks?

It is per purchase.

06 Can I chose which discounts I use for a purchase?

Yes, of course.

07 Can I use the Multicupón on my next purchase?

As long as it is during the Multicupón period.

08 Can the cashiers inform me of my pending discounts?

Yes, they can reprint them and you can see what you have left, but only for the Multicupón.

09 Can I give my Multicupón to a friend?

No, it is personal and non-transferable.

10 Can I receive multiple Multicupones in a fortnight?

Yes it is possible and all on the same day.

11 If I have a Multicupón will it always work?

If the Multicupón does not work, it could be outside the period indicated or it does not correspond to your card. If this is case, we can reprint your Multicupón.

12 When do I get Mi ChequeAhorro?

Starting the first week of the month.

13 If I go away for a month do I lose the ChequeAhorro? Does it expire?

You do not lose it if you go shopping before the end of 13 months.

14 Do I lose Mi ChequeAhorro if I have less than €1 a month or a quarter like now?

Yes, you lose it after a month if you do not have 1 euro unless you are a new cardholder then you would accumulate during the first quarter.

15 If I forget my card, can I still benefit?

Yes at the checkout, as long as you have previously associated your DNI to your card.

16 What do I do if I lose my card?

Fill out the second part of the form. As you may not have the original card number, you will need to indicate the name, surname and DNI of the original cardholder. The new card will be “attached” to the old one. You will not lose your benefits. If you have already associated your DNI to your card, then you will only need to use your DNI.

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