Welcome to savings

Welcome to savings

01 Is totally free

All the opening cost, maintenance or replacement is at the expense of masymas.

02 Delivery and immediate use

Fill in the form and hand it in the “Punto Tarjeta” counter or in the cash registers. We’ll immediately give you a Card with two Key-ring cards so you and your family members may benefit from the first purchase of all the advantages of the customer card. You may also request additional cards other family members.

03 Saving checks

Every time you reach 300 points, you will receive a DISCOUNT CHECK OF 1% to be used on your next purchase.

04 With custom discount bonuses

masymas will issue EARN VOUCHERS in products of interest for you, which will be given when paying and showing your Customer card.

05 Add direct discounts in shelves.

In all of our supermarkets you will find hundreds of products with a EARN VOUCHERS.

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